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The Best Anti Cellulite Treatments


Women beach body with no cellulite

Almost every women from different walks of life, at some point in their adulthood, has to challenge with cellulite.  When it comes to cellulite and stretch marks, there is no one-size-fit-all solution to the problem, but some tried and true diet, exercises and products that work wonders to reduce the appearance of uneven texture.

Cellulite (medically referred to as edematous fibrosclerotic panniculopathy) refers to the manifest of extra uneven fat in form of dimpled skin that usually appears on hips and thighs and is more common in women versus in men. When fat deposits unevenly within and around the connective tissues underneath the skin, cosmetic characteristic of skin changes and cellulite formation starts.

It is a no-brainer that healthy lifestyle is the key to excess body fat reduction, and redistribution, and on the other hand, a proven pillar of healthy lifestyle is regular physical activities and consumption of healthy food and drinks, which seems to be more elusive than ever in our fast paced modern life. Hitting the treadmill every now and then or swapping candy for carrots, is undoubtedly beneficial, but alone doesn't always lead to thinner thighs, and that’s why we often need some fast acting tricks to catalyze the process.

Searching for a product that actually works is not easy, there are so many creams out there, and when it comes to getting rid of stubborn fat, half of them make no difference. I have tried many different creams, serums, and lotions and recommended some to clients of mine, and after all found 3 creams that deliver the best overall result for the price.

Best Cellulite Treatments Murad, Clarins, Sol de Janeiro Brazilian

1- Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control

This Luxurious cream is one of my top choices among all different cellulite creams out there.

It is easy to apply, dries quickly, and smells really good plus it is very reasonably priced and has a nice combination of ingredients. This cream works really well over a longer term period, and that is the main reason that I prefer it over the rest. Women that I suggested this cream to, have reported smoother and better looking skin, after a few weeks of using this lotion. This innovative body treatment is  powered by Quince Leaf extract, that helps reduce the look of cellulite with targeted refining and reshaping actions. After trying dozens and dozens of different cellulite creams, I have witnessed the overall best results with this one!

2- Murad Firm and Tone Serum and the Cream

Murad serum might not smell as good as most body products but it works good on body dimples .This firming serum contains caffeine, retinol and cayenne pepper, helping  induce body fat burning (thermogenesis). The gel based serum should be applied to the affected areas twice a day after cleansing. Some women prefer keeping it in the refrigerator, since the cold helps firm and tighten the skin on contact. If you apply the Murad body firming cream right after the serum, you get the double benefits of firming and hydrating that leads to faster results. I got these creams as a gift and I loved the result but this cream is quite expensive and applying two creams twice a day is time consuming, but gain the result is rewarding.

3- Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

At first glance, you may assume this firming cream is booty-exclusive, however, the cream works to tighten any area you desire. The secret is Guaraná, a native Amazonian plant comprised of the most potent form of caffeine on Earth, harmonizes with a blend of cupuaçu butter, antioxidant powerhouse açaí, and coconut oil to form this fast-acting cream that smooths skin surface and adds subtle Brazilian glow. I have not fully consumed my first trial yet but I’m already in love with the texture, smell and feeling of this luscious firming cream.

The conclusion is that these creams are very fun products to try. After trying so many disappointing products, I can finally announce these as my favorite cellulite treatments.

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